Worst Day of the Week

A calendar with pins in it

Monday has a pretty bad reputation and has for a while now. It’s widely considered the worst day of the week… but is it truly?

A study was done and women chose Wednesday as the worst day of their week. It seems women feel Wednesday is when they realize they are not accomplishing as much as they hoped to by then.

The best day of the week for men? Saturday and Sunday. That’s not the case for women. Women find weekends about as stressful as weekdays. Sundays used to be the most relaxing day of the week, now it’s filled with chores, visits to family, shopping and social events.

So, what’s a women’s favorite day of the week? Monday! They say they have a chance to get back to their jobs, where they can focus on themselves. Maybe what mom is trying to say is she loves doing things for others…. but could definitely use some help.