What dogs CAN’T eat during Thanksgiving

A dog begging for scraps at a table

If you’re thinking you won’t have to vacuum after Thanksgiving dinner because your sweet little pup will take care of what everyone dropped… think again. There are actually a ton of Thanksgiving foods that your dog shouldn’t be eating!

We’ll start with one of the biggest No No’s… Turkey Bones…. the bones can easily break, puncturing your little guy’s tummy on the way down! 

Any dairy products… unless you want your little guy to have a nasty uncontrolled accident in the hallway… steer clear… That goes the same for anything with a ton of seasoning on it… your dog can’t digest that!

I’m not sure who has grapes and raisins at their Thanksgiving meal, but if you do, don’t feed them to your dog… it’ll end in Kidney failure.

Sorry Buster… maybe you’ll have better luck with the scraps on Christmas.