Tips to Declutter

Tips to Declutter

Every Fall I get into a clean up mode. I ran across these tips and found them pretty helpful, maybe you will too

1.Don’t treat your home like a storage unit

  • Keeping something because you might need is someday is like paying mortgage to a sorage company.

2. Ask yourself if it’s “The Best, The Favorite or Necessary”

  • If it doesn’t qualify, throw it out.

3. Recognize that the important part of a gift is the act of giving and receiving

  • It’s so hard to get rid of gifts. But once given, the gift has served its most important purpose. If it’s not giving anymore… chunk it.

4. Practice One-In-One-Out

  • My parents always did this with my siblings and I. They would say, “Want another toy? Which one will you give to another kid who doesn’t have a toy?”

5. Declutter by area

  • Looking at one freshly cleaned-out space might inspire you to declutter the rest of your home, too.