Prized Football Card

Football Card

Shopping for dad’s can be so hard! Most of the time, when they want something they just go out and buy it themselves… That’s why I think it’s best to give dad something sentimental!

Lindsey got her dad the best gift he has ever received! A Football Card! But not just any football card… there’s an amazing back story to it!

Lindsey’s dad sold his favorite vintage football card to help pay for bills. That happened when Lindsey was 7… fast-forward to 30 years later. For Secret Santa this Christmas, Lindsey drew her dad’s name and she knew exactly what to get him! She looked everywhere for a replica of the vintage football card he had sold over 30 years ago. She was able to find it and gift it to him!

When she gave it to her dad, she said, “When I was little, I felt the sacrifices you made for us and it’s a lesson I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

When her dad unwrapped the gift and saw the Football card, he started to cry.