Not just a ‘token’ contribution

Not just a 'token' contribution

We are all aware of the conflict in Ukraine. Well, lets call it what it is. A war.

Russia has invaded Ukraine. There is death, injury, destruction, refugees…all the hallmarks of war.

What also comes with war is the impression that anyone who happens to be from the country we feel to be in the wrong is a bad guy. I remember during the cold war it was common to think ill of anyone who happen to be of Russian descent. This current war is not making it any easier to give the Russian people a break.

Perhaps this will help.

Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov auctioned off his Nobel Peace Prize medal for $103 million dollars….and all the funds went straight to UNICEF to provide aid for Ukrainian child refugees.  

The man won a Nobel Peace Prize. He feels strongly enough to auction it off for an incredible amount of money so the children displaced by the actions of his country can benefit.

Let’s be honest, the Russian people have even less influence on what their government does than we do…and we certainly can’t keep our government leaders in check….

Thank you Dmitry.