More than a McDonald’s Cashier

Two men standing together for a picture

“I want to brag on this young man named Hayden…” That’s how a social media post started.

Jason went to McDonalds and ordered his meal. He handed the young man behind the counter his credit card for his $8 order. The carded was declined.

The young man behind the counter (that’s Hayden) whipped out his OWN card and said, “I got you, don’t worry about it.” Jason said “No, just cancel my order.” But Hayden started gathering the order up. Jason looked in his wallet and only had $4 in cash, so he handed that to Hayden and said he would be back later with the rest.

Hayden took the money and bagged up the food.

When Jason got out to his car he looked in the bag and not only found his order, but he found his $4 and a note from Hayden that read, “Have a blessed day”.

Jason said to Hayden, “Never loose your giving heart.”