Eastern Michigan Football Player gives his Scholarship to Teammate

Two football players hugging eachother

Not only is school back in session but so is FOOTBALL! Whether you follow football or not, heres a story that will tug at your heartstrings!

Two guys play college football. One is on a football scholarship and the other is paying his own way. You can only imagine how tough it is to work AND play football!

Zack, to make ends meet, was doing things like selling his blood plasma… which is a helpful thing to do… but it illustrates his financial burden. The coach wanted to help Zack, but you can only award so many scholarships.

Brian, knowing his teammate Zack was having a rough time, gave up his scholarship so the college could give it to Zack. He said Zack is like a member of his family and gladly gave up his scholarship. Brian is a graduate student and is two classes short of his advanced degree. He said he can manage without the scholarship and that Zack deserves the break.

Zack said, “I’ve been working a landscaping job, I rip out carpets, I demo tile floors… whenever I’m not working or not doing football or going to school. Its been a grind my whole life, but I mean, when you really want something, it’s like you do what you need to do to keep it going.”

His teammate Brian said, “I’d do it again in a heartbeat. If it helps him more, then by all means, I’m gonna give it to him, and hopefully, I can later down the road help him out even more.