Dock Worker who kept his Promise

A riverside town

A salute to one who has kept their Promise. Their Promise to treat others as they wish to be treated.

Ten people who were vacationing in a historic Washington port were stranded when some storms (similar to that one we had last night) moved in and forced all the ferries in the port to stay put. The group needed to get back to their hotels but they couldn’t, they were stuck!

That’s when William Patterson, a worker there at the dock, felt compassion for these folks. He said he’s joked with his wife over the years that one day he may bring a straggler home. His wife has always said they had room for one or two.

Well, Patterson called his wife and said “I may have about 8 or 9 more…” The made room for everyone! They slept on the couch, an extra bed and on the floor. The big thing was they were dry, warm and as comfortable as they could be!

Early the next morning, Patterson went out to the café he runs and made pastries and coffee for everyone that stayed at his house! One person from the group said, “It was the way humans should treat humans. In this day and age, it was exceptional.”