Do something crazy….

Do something crazy...pray for someone

A while back Ashley was driving her father back home after a chemo treatment, when she was pulled over.  Turns out the speed limit had changed, but she was pre-occupied and didn’t notice.  

The officer asked where they were going and got the story.  He walked back to his patrol car and came back and asked if he could pray with her father.  He did.  He even pressed a small cross into the fathers hand.  

Do you ever feel compelled to do something for someone, like pray with them? 

2 months later the father passed away.  Ashley posted about her dear father and included a picture of that officer praying wth her dad and told the story.  Even included a picture of the cross the officer gave her dad.  Said her mom kept it on the dresser as a reminder.

 It’s easy to justify ignoring that still small voice, isn’t it?…but what a difference it can make to not only the person you pray for…but those around them, too. 

Next time you feel that, remember this story and maybe…take the chance and do that thing.