Catching a Wallet

A young boy holding a wallet ad giving it to an old man

Have you ever been out fishing and hooked up on something weird that wasn’t a fish?

Yea… probably a rock!

This guy hooked up on something that clearly wasn’t a fish … but it wasn’t rocks either. Connor was out fishing with his dad and cousin and hooked up on something. He started reeling and when he got it to the boat, he realized it was an old wallet. They opened it up and while it was super soggy, they found a drivers license, some business cards AND $2000 cash in it.

Connor and his cousin were able to track down the owner of the wallet that lived over 600 miles away! They went and hand delivered the wallet to him, cash and all!

When the owner of the wallet was reunited he said “I tried to get that boy to take the cash. He was so honest, but he wouldn’t take any money. I would take him as a grandson any day and I would fight for him any day!