Are you alone?

Are you alone?

The answer is no…but you are not in as much of a majority as you used to be.

Gallup started asking people back in 1945 if they believed in God.  98% said they did.  In 1967 the answer was still yes at a 98% clip.  

They didn’t ask again till 2011.  92% said they believed in God.  Dropped to 86% in 2014…then jumped back up to 89% in 2016.  

Gallup just asked that same question again in 2022.  81%.  Record low.  

The drop was in every category, men, women, every income level, ethnicity, location.  The biggest drop was in younger people.  Youth have always lagged behind older categories, but never this far.

Fact is God hasn’t changed.  What has?  Society has.  

So how do we better represent who God is?  I certainly don’t have that answer….but I think I know where to find it.

How did Jesus and His disciples do it?