Amy Grant on Tour

Singer and Song Writer Amy Grant sitting on a chair

Amy Grant has had quite a career! She is now getting ready to release her first full album in 10 years. It’s kind of her comeback after a devastating brain injury she suffered in a bike accident last July.

She was riding her bike, hit a pothole and slammed into the pavement, knocking her unconscious for 10 minutes. When she came to, she couldn’t remember much.

As she recovered, she filled a spiral notebook with thoughts just to help reboot her memory, including the names of her family, which she couldn’t recall at first.

She couldn’t remember her song lyrics either. THEN she had throat surgery to remove a cyst.

She’s had a rough several months, but now her voice is stronger than ever and she is going on a 70-date tour before the release of her new song!

She won’t be coming to Jacksonville, but she will be coming to Savannah on June 24th!