143 Acts of Kindness

Man mowing a patch of grass

Have you met Bonecutter? Sounds like a guy you don’t really want to meet… BUT after hearing this, you will. Bonecutter has been on a quest to perform 143 acts of kindness in 40 days.

143 isn’t a random number either. Bonecutter’s hero is Mr. Rogers and 143 was one of the ways Mr. Rogers would say “I Love You”. It’s a numbers thing. I (1 Letter) Love (4 Letters) You (3 Letters) … 143.

Bonecutter started on his quest on June 1st and he just ended this week.

He has cut grass at vacant homes and businesses, picked up trash and handed out free food and snacks. He said he noticed a triangle median on his regular drive that was overgrown with weeds. So, he pulled weeds and mowed down the grass. He made everything more pleasant for everyone.

On July 4th, Bonecutter raised money for pediatric brain tumor research. He ended the day helping an elderly man in the rain. He said “I was driving down the street, it was pouring down rain and there was an elderly man walking with a walker. I pulled over and had the opportunity to drive him to the store and home. Its been a great opportunity to meet and engage with other people.”

So why is Bonecutter doing all of this? He says, “I want to inspire other people to also say, ‘Yeah, I want to do this as well,’ and let it be a ripple effect. There’s enough negativity, let’s start some ositive ripples and see how far it can go.”